Луковичные цветы — куколки амигуруми

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  1. Jasmin Hoffmann:

    Hello i had a little question. I dont speak russian. So I had a friend, she would like to try Wirte it down in german. Is it ok for you?

  2. Yvonne Zacharias:


    Can someone here tell me who these Amigurumis are?
    Who designed and written this pattern?

  3. Joan klein:

    Does the pattern come in english i cant read these words.

  4. 00000000:

    bonjour auriez vous une traduction en francais ou en anglais merci

  5. Nina Bosma:

    My Name is Nina. Many german people like this nice flowers but they cant understand Russian. I want to ask if I could translate it in German. I would be very happy to get an answer and to make many people happy 😉
    Thanks a lot.

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